Welcome to Flywood – home of the world's first all natural, all
wood disc golf discs that are
made to be played.  
Testing Flywood has taken time,
with results of durability
proven daily.
Currently we could not
be more satisfied with
our results and feedback.
Grow your game - experience disc golf with wood!  Available in three integral designs, there is a Flywood disc to throw from every lie.  
Customize your wood with a choice of eight colors, or find something rare and exciting in a limited run finish.
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Each Flywood disc is crafted with cross grained plies of
hardrock maple, creating an amazingly symmetrical and strong
natural product that performs consistently and is incredibly
The Flywood Line
All wood distance
The go-to midrange
Totally reliable putts
The Flywood Player

Flywood discs are all natural, all wood disc golf discs.  They are new, they are different and
they're probably not for everyone.   They do however belong to a particular player.  A player
that is looking for something unique.  An expression.  Individuality.  They belong to a player
that is looking for more out of their discs than merely performance and durability.  They  
belong to a player who wants to make a statement:  That what they throw represents
who they
are and what they believe in.  They belong to a player that appreciates disc golf for
its entire unique experience; not merely the simple contest and rigid structure of governing
that's a part of any old competitive sport.  

Yet within the very distinctive experience of disc golf lays a great irony:  The approved
sporting good, the
required sporting good, is one manufactured of plastic.

A sport that challenges the contestant by placing them outdoors, typically in some sort of
wild, in full exposure to the elements… a sport that appeals to the type that is inspired by
the challenge of navigating natural spaces… a sport that affords most who play it a
perspective, an appreciation and a respect for their natural surroundings… such a unique
and inspiring and inclusive sport should feature a product like Flywood.  Hell,
it deserves it.

Unfortunately the PDGA does currently not allow a disc made of wood.  

And that's fine.  Sure, we may never see a Flywood hitting the chains of a major national
tournament, but that's not the point.  We know that this sport doesn't exist solely in
sanctioned events and it doesn't belong to only its greatest performers.  This sport exists
anywhere it's being played and belongs to anyone who is playing it.

Disc golf belongs to the player… every player.  Including the Flywood player.

So to you - go out and throw wood.  Your game is governed only by whoever is witnessing
it.  Your sport belongs to
you.  You're out there for the entire experience, not just to see who
wins.  You're in nature, you're in the elements.  Take with you the only disc golf disc that's a
part of it.  Take some wood into the woods.  

Play Flywood - the world's first all natural, all wood disc golf discs.
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Thanks to Bret B. for featuring Flywood in this video!